At Newport Psychotherapy, we specialize in assisting teenagers in managing the stress and challenges associated with technology and social media. Our experienced therapist recognizes the unique pressures that technology and social platforms can impose on adolescents, and we are committed to providing a safe space for them to navigate these complexities. Through collaborative sessions, we guide teens in exploring their relationship with technology and social media. Our therapists offer a platform for open discussions where teens can express their concerns, address comparison-related stress, and understand the impact of screen time on their emotional well-being. We empower adolescents with practical strategies to establish healthy boundaries, practice digital mindfulness, and foster a positive online presence. By promoting self-awareness and balance, we help teens navigate the digital landscape in a way that promotes their mental health. We believe that managing technology and social media stress is vital for a teenager’s holistic well-being. Our goal is to equip teens with the skills and insights needed to maintain a healthy relationship with technology, cultivate resilience, and enjoy meaningful connections both online and offline. With our expert guidance, teens can navigate the digital world with confidence and emotional strength.

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