While Duct Pros KC is a new company in the Year of 2022, we carry over 15 years of experience behind it! We focus on air quality, air safety, and breathability inside of a home while cleaning, sanitizing, and then purifying your ductwork! We also offer services such as Air Duct Cleaning Service, dryer vent cleaning which is the number one cause of house fires. If your dryer isn’t drying as fast as you remember, it’s probably because your dryer vent is dirty, and needs the lent, and other debris cleared out! What can our Super Heroes do for you? We are the only Company that is Certified in QUADCA (Residential Air Duct Cleaning Specialist) and NADCA (ASCS) In the Kansas City, metro.
We offer sweeping, air washing, or both services through our negative vacuum system for your ductwork. While cleaning your ductwork, we are collecting the debris in our negative-pressure HEPA vacuum. This allows us to remove dust, mold, pet dander, pet hair, sheetrock dust, skin cells, and other bacteria that can be found in cool damp areas, such as your ductwork. We also sanitize ductwork to kill mold and stop the spread of bacteria in its tracks with the SaniJet system.

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