With a strong focus on relationships and communication, we work to ensure that along with the finished product, every client has been a big part of the process and enjoyed the journey! With small dynamic teams you deal directly with those working with you ensuring clarity and understanding at all times. Some of the key people behind the teams are profiled below, outlining the experience they bring to supporting and managing all of Character Builders’ work. With an intentional focus on communication and relationship building they ensure the timely delivery of goods and services to our building teams on the ground, committed to completing your project. We’ve worked with some of these suppliers for 20 plus years now, and our combined experience gives us a real advantage when planning and executing your building project. Other benefits enable us to manage and oversee costings from the estimate and quoting stage. All up, as our valued client, we can give you greater assurance and peace of mind! Of course we will work with your own suppliers and contacts if that works best for you. Whatever way we plan your project, talk to us early about how you would like to proceed.

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