In the heart of culinary innovation, there lies a story not just of food, but of friendships, transformation, and a relentless commitment to excellence. This story is ours at AMICI Events and Catering. Our journey began in 2002 with the inception of Friends Alley Restaurant, a haven where culinary delights met the warmth of companionship. Over the years, our passion for creating memorable dining experiences has taken many forms — from a cozy restaurant to a dynamic event and catering service, each chapter marked by growth, responsibility, and creativity.

In 2015, we transformed into AMICI Events and Catering. At AMICI, which resonates with ‘friends’ in Italian, we embody the philosophy of our founder, Willie: the essence of a great gathering lies in the blend of excellent company and exceptional food. We also expanded our horizons to Malaysia in 2015 with the establishment of AMICI’s Bakery and Patisserie, and we’ve constantly strived to elevate the culinary landscape. We’ve evolved, but our core remains unchanged – to transform every meal into an extraordinary experience.


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