Automotive engineering is an integral branch of engineering that is to do with manufacturing, operating and designing automobiles. This is one of the most popular fields in Australia which includes several sectors like mechanical, electrical, electronic as well as software. Australia is one of the few countries in the world which has resources and technology to design vehicles from the ground up and produce a competitive vehicle. This industry contributes Billions of dollars to the Australian economy annually.

The number of students seeking automotive courses in Australia is on the rise. Besides which this is also a place that is friendly to fuel and machinery, providing students with a perfect environment to succeed. This article provides important information on studying in Australia and good prospects of succeeding in the automotive field. It is a must-read for those considering taking up an automotive course in Australia.

Studying in Australia

Australia is the 3rd most popular destination for international students after the US and UK. It has a strong education infrastructure and several universities within the top 100. Besides this, Australia is also known for its quality of life, income as well as education. It is a laid-back country with a very diverse ethnicity making it optimal for international students. Taking up an automotive course in Australia is also a good decision since this is one of the popular destinations for automotive courses as well.

Some of the skills necessary to take up an automotive course include a strong interest in automotive design & engineering, excellent technical knowledge. It is also essential to possess good IT skills, the ability to analyze & interpret and problem-solving skills. Good communication and presentation skills are an added advantage.

Some of the popular automotive courses for international students include diploma and certificate courses for automotive engineering. There are also several career prospects like motor mechanics, vehicle builders, spray painters, automotive electricians, etc. The potential employers for this skill set include manufacturing, sales & distributions, heavy machinery and more.

Facts & Stats of Automotive Industry

  • The Australian automotive industry has gone through massive changes in the past few years and is changing for the good.
  • The number of registered passenger vehicles in Australia has increased by a very high percentage in the last 20 years.
  • The ideal place to start an automotive career is with a certificate program.
  • Some of the skills necessary to succeed in the automotive industry including being physically fit, good communication, strong work ethic, attention to detail and good problem solver.
  • A skill shortage was recorded in the automotive industry; this was expected to grow during the period 2018/19.
  • The main reason for the skill shortage is declining levels of new graduates in the automotive sector.
  • As of January 2019, there were 19.5 million registered vehicles.
  • 7% increase in the number of vehicles in 2018/19.
  • The average age of vehicles increased to 10.2.

Prospects in the Automotive Field

The prospects of automotive engineering courses in Brisbane are very high. All graduates can apply for a temporary graduate visa which allows the students to continue with their education as well as life and work in Australia after having completed their basic education. The basic education includes degrees a Certificate III in Engineering Mechanical Trade, Diploma of Automotive Technology, Certificate IV in Automotive Mechanical Diagnosis or something similar. A temporary graduate visa offers a good opportunity to gain relevant work experience and build a bright future. There is a high demand for automotive professionals and this occupation also happens to be listed on the strategic skill list and the short term skilled occupation list.

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