The covid-19 pandemic has brought so many challenges for professionals from all walks of life. On one hand, the situation for job seekers has become erratic and uncertain. On the other hand, recruiters are facing challenges of hiring and onboarding professionals without face-to-face interactions.

Why has hiring become difficult during Covid-19?

Almost all the organizations have transitioned to work from home that ensures social distancing and safety of their employees. While this is a good practice, it is quite stressful for human resource experts as they are dealing with hiring an in-house team for accomplishing tasks in the wake of the outbreak. In such a scenario, technology never fails to impress with millions of options capable of resolving virtual working processes of businesses even amid the ongoing pandemic.

HR managers are having a hard time searching for in-house professionals that is imposing a huge delay in delivering the ongoing projects within stipulated timelines. Fortunately, with outsourcing services, you can attract the right candidates who understand your business needs, are skilled to carry it forward, and are also eligible to accomplish the long-term goals of your organization. The future of recruitment after Covid-19 depends on how HR managers handle and embrace hiring protocols in the new normal.

What are the hiring challenges during Covid-19?

The novel coronavirus pandemic has deeply shaken the corporate belief system of client acquisition and project delivery as per the client’s requisites. When there are no customers, how will a business function? And if there are no clients, how will the company pay its employees?

The outcome? Massive layoffs, especially in small businesses and startups. Because of the loss of finances globally, job losses were a direct consequence. Businesses all across the globe had to freeze hiring as their own future hung in balance. As the world came to terms with the fact that the pandemic was nowhere near ending, businesses started to reopen. Since employees who were fired could not be re-hired, the search for new talents began. The onboarding process became very difficult for the HR managers because everyone has been forced to switch to video onboarding.

The application process has decreased as well, because people have a very valid fear of jeopardizing their health should they go back to workplaces. With the rise in demand for in-house employees, the talent acquisition process has taken a backseat, with more focus on work from home. This new setup has shuffled the traditional and conventional positions too. The jobs of office administrators, housekeeping staff, and supervisors have drastically reduced since most businesses have shifted their base from leased office spaces to homes.

Cost-cutting has become prevalent. This means that both the recruiters and the joiners must recruitment new talent on limited budgets, so as to keep the salaries in check. By far, conducting assessments and interviews is the biggest obstacle! Human resource managers find it difficult to hire remotely with online hiring tools and techniques because it is time-consuming and takes technical know-how.

There is a silver lining though. There is a justified solution to these arising problems, should businesses decide to outsource in the wake of the pandemic.

How can you benefit from outsourcing during Covid-19?

Outsourcing offers several benefits that save the time, effort and stress of recruiters. A lot of businesses think: hiring virtual staff from India & save 70%? Is this really possible? We say, yes. Outsourcing is likely to offer you the operations and resources that are skilled, without investing too much capital.

Here’s how:

1. Cost optimization: Get what you want for your business from outsourcing and reduce nearly 70 percent of the costs incurred for in-house hiring. Choosing one of the top outsourcing companies ensures that the time and costs spent in training, employee benefits, office rental, utilities, internet connectivity, and many other expenses included are not your headache anymore. You can free yourself from the financial complexities and divert you from focusing on the critical areas of your business.

2. State-of-the-art technologies: The advanced digital technology has allowed companies to gain access to the latest collaborative trends adopted by outsourcing companies. You can get introduced with new software to help you manage your database, accounting, security, and so on.

3. Discover exceptional talents: When you are outsourcing, you meet the right people who are adept at your work and business objectives. Virtual Employee is one such outsourcing organization that provides clients with a transparent privilege of interviewing their resources, communicating about the skillset, credibility, and also running a trial period to test their quality of work.

4. Let go of the risks: De-stress yourself from security risks associated with resources working thousands of miles away. Outsourcing companies like Virtual Employee take GDPR very seriously. They maintain the confidentiality of your data and never divulge work-related information. Moreover, you can always access, customize, and check on the strategies and execution of the tasks assigned to the resources. With years of expertise, the outsourcing resources are capable of meeting the desired results to drive your business further.

5. Immediate business solutions: The impact of coronavirus has led to the cancellation of onsite interviews and induced the need for recruiting from home. Outsourcing involves interviewing your resources virtually and hiring them on reasonable costs without worrying about infrastructural and technological setups. This easily replaces the in-person interviews with video assessments that save time and effort by giving out solutions in minimal time.

6. Long-term certainty: Outsourcing companies commit to long-term projects with certainty that is similar to the commitment of the in-house resources. They know how to work effectually even in remote conditions with their focus directed on boosting productivity. Even with fewer resources, companies can get all their tasks accomplished, and risks mitigated by resources who have the right insights into business needs.

7. Screening by phone: With minimized risks on health and safe working conditions, the screening process with outsourced companies becomes accessible with phones only.

As we are reeling under the wrath of this pandemic, the operational and financial success of businesses is at stake. During this scary situation, you can rely on outsourcing to face your challenges head-on and outpace competition with adherence to deadlines.

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Virtual Employee came into being to help small and medium enterprises (SMEs) across North America and Europe set up offshore offices in India and provide them cost-effective solutions. They can set up their own offshore office in India with just one employee and ZERO investment cost, and scale their team up/down as needed.

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