Web2 Vs Web3

Web2 Vs Web3 Introduction Web3 is getting more attention in the world of internet. The popularity of Web3 is correlated to the acceptance and widespread usage of blockchain and security technology. The possibility that Web3 will become the standard sooner or later provides us with an chance to study past generations, their differences and the like. Web2 is designed for the current internet generation. Web3 is for the semantic web. The Internet has grown rapidly from its inception, which consisted of static images and text to its current iteration - Web2, We are approaching the Web3 time, in which information and value can be easily transferred between decentralized platforms with dispersed ownership and management. According to the stats of the Web3 applications, 46% of apps are in the finance sector, 8.9% belong to the social sector, and the remainder are related to games, business, and various sectors. Learn more about the growth and future of the Internet. From the f…
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